FUNAAB Gets Another International OfferThe University has recorded another feat with the signing of agreement between the AbdusSalam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy and its Department of Physics, College of Physical Sciences (COLPHYS). This time around, the opportunity that has come the way of FUNAAB is in recognition of the need for frequent and continuous contact between scientists working in related fields and fostering global contacts in the disciplines of Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics and Applied Mathematics.

According to the Facilitator and Head, Department of Physics of FUNAAB, Professor Gboyega Adebayo, the centre offers federated institutes very useful programmes for their young scientific staff, post-doctoral and PhD students from institutes in developing countries the opportunity to attend meetings at ICTP or to participate in group activities. The main aim of the agreement between ICTP and federated scientific institute in developing countries is to enable young scientists, up to the age of 40, to participate in ICTP’s scientific programmes, especially young faculty or those still being formed. The programme ensures that members of an ICTP federated institute can attend schools or workshops at ICTP taught by some of the best scientists in their fields and by giving young scientists the opportunity to communicate and create bonds with colleagues from around the globe.

Federated institutes are selected through a procedure that takes place once a year and the number of awardees are determined by the availability of funds for the programme. Applications are examined by a relevant committee in each of the ICTP research fields. All eligible applications are carefully evaluated by the committees, which take into account, among other things, the applicant’s qualifications; the standing of the Institute in its home country and in the region; the benefit of the programme to the affiliates; the benefit to the Institute in the context of its research objectives; and the benefit to the region.

FUNAAB Gets Another International Offer

The committees report to the Head of the Office of Associates and Federated Institutes (OAF), by providing shortlists of candidate Institutes. The head of the OAF takes into consideration the recommendation of the committees, as well as other factors such as geographical diversity, gender balance amongst proposed affiliates and availability of funds, before making a final decision. According to agreement signed, scientists of the institute active in research would visit the centre at times and for period to be determined jointly by the institutions and the centre, which were jointly relevant to the field of specialisation of the individual scientists concerned.