FUNAAB’s Anthem Bass line Singer, Dr. Segun Odeyemi telling the story of the Anthem during the interview

FUNAAB’s Anthem Bass line Singer, Dr. Segun Odeyemi telling the story of the Anthem during the interview

Excitement, patriotism and sense of fulfillment usually fill the atmosphere anytime and anywhere FUNAAB Anthem is rendered. Even pessimists agree that the lyrics are catchy, revealing, inspirational and thought provoking.

Others are of the view that the rhymes are melodious and breath-taking while the motion pictures lend credence to the lyrics.

Observers share the consensus that FUNAAB Anthem is irresistibly capturing such that visitors can’t afford to avoid joining the chorus of singers at University events,.

FUNAAB Anthem has indeed come to stay like the University. Beneath the surface of the Anthem are many innovations rolled into one huge concept while faces and voices have collapsed into one signature tune of the University.

You can’t just beat the reach and richness of the Anthem, composition and components started just like a child’s play.

Isola Segun Odeyemi was a student of Soil Science and Agricultural Mechanization way back in 1998 when he sang the bass line of FUNAAB Anthem as a member of the production crew.

Today, Isola Segun Odeyemi, PhD is a lecturer at the Department of Crop Production, College of Plant Science (COLPLANT).

FUNAAB Bulletin cornered the Baritone Dr. Odeyemi on the ‘gospel truth’ according to FUNAAB Anthem; and, the roles of former Vice-Chancellors, Professor Julius Okojie, Professor Israel Adu, former Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ishola Adamson, the late Professor Joseph Shopeju, Professor (Mrs.) Helen Bodunde, Mr. Tajudeen Alabi and the duo of the then students, Richard Ige and Abiodun Osifejo came into focus.

Going down memory lane, Dr. Odeyemi recollected that composition of the University Anthem came up as a challenge from the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Julius Amioba Okojie in 1998, preparatory to the celebration of the Institution’s 10th Year Anniversary.

According to him, “Professor Julius Okojie who was our Vice-Chancellor, just placed an offer for anybody who can bring up the University Anthem”.

He continued, “Then I was a student in 1998. Some students gathered. One Mr. Daniel from, the Department of Statistics came up with the lyric and we supported him with rhymes and tune” other students are Richard Ige, (who is now the Senior Pastor of Kosehunti Church) and Abiodun Osifero”.

Dr. Odeyemi however, noted with dismay that “after the 10th Anniversary, the Anthem was dumped somewhere, we weren’t singing it again”.

According to him, “It was later that the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Israel Adu brought it (the Anthem) up and sent it to General Studies (GNS) Department, under the late Professor Joseph Shopeju who was the HOD who also brought in the language experts headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Helen Bodunde now a Professor.

Speaking further, Dr. Odeyemi recalled that it was the GNS Department that fine-tuned the rhymes and the editing of the lyrics.

“I could recall that the concept of the Anthem signature tune (“Iwe kiko, laisi oko, ati ada……..) came from Mr. Tajudeen Alabi, a staff who is presently with the University Zoological Garden who came on board when we were working on the audio recording and video production”, he revealed.

Dr. Odeyemi further informed that the audio recording and video production of the University Anthem was done during the tenure of Professor Ishola Adamson as the Acting Vice-Chancellor.

According to him, “The Anthem became more prominent when Professor (Mrs.) Helen Aduke Bodunde as Director of Graduate Record and Counselling Centre (GRECC) in conjunction with the Students Affairs Unit of the University brought the Anthem into Student Orientation programme”.

With a tone of satisfaction and accomplishment, Dr. Odeyemi stated with finality that “To the glory of God, I was privileged to be part of FUNAAB Anthem production team. As a matter of fact, I sang the bass line when we were doing the audio and video production”.