The Management of the University has formally applied for the establishment of a Police Station on its expansive Campus, for enhanced protection of life and property.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, disclosed this while on a recent Field Trip to Programme Sites of the University’s Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR).

The Vice-Chancellor, who sounded confident of the eventual approval of the request by Police high command, said a formal application has been processed through the Ogun State Police headquarters to the Inspector-General of Police.

According to Professor Balogun, the University has concluded arrangement to build befitting office and residential accommodation for the Police personnel that would be deployed to the institution, while a Patrol-Van will also be procured to facilitate effective and round-the-hour surveillance of facilities.

Professor Balogun said the Management will also construct an Observation Tower of about 12 metres high, to enable an unhindered environmental scanning of the University’s facilities.

The Vice-Chancellor said recent noticeable presence of marauders, coupled with the incessant encroachment of cattle-rearers on the University property, further necessitated the need for Police presence in the University.

Staff of IFSERAR had during the Field Trip, lodged complaints with the Vice-Chancellor on an incident of near-deadly attack by the Fulani nomads on some casual field workers, recently.