Members of staff of the University, who are eligible for the 2011 promotion, have been advised to submit copies of their Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER) Forms with their Curriculum Vitae to the Establishment Matters Unit.

According to a release, signed by the Acting Registrar, Mr. Adeleke Adeboye, the Establishment Matters Unit would require 20 copies of the recommended candidates’ Curriculum Vitae for Non-Teaching Staff and 30 copies of same for Academic Staff, using the approved format.

The release further emphasized that eligible members of staff have been given a two-week deadline within which they are expected to complete and submit their APER Forms to the Establishment Matters Unit through their Deans, Heads of Departments or Units.

The Acting Registrar pointed out that “promotion will be guided by the provisions in Chapter Three of the University’s Rules and Regulations, governing the Conditions of Service for both Senior and Junior Staff, as well as the observance of other conditions, as specified by the Appointment and Promotion Committee of Academic Staff (APCAS), in case of Academic Staff.

The release added that availability of established and approved vacancies shall be based on the dictates of due financial provisions, appropriated in the 2011 Budget.