Offa Foundation is inviting indigenes of Offa to apply for Scholarship/Bursary Awards.

The Scholarship/Bursary Awards are open to full time students in 200 level and above, who are studying Mathematics, English, Technology and Engineering with specialization in Electrical/Electronics, Chemical Petroleum, Agricultural and Computer Science.

A release by the Honourable Secretary, Education Committee, Offa Foundation, Professor A. A. Adesiyun informed that interested candidates are to send handwritten application, stating full name with surname underlined, evidence confirming applicants’ parents as Offa indigenes and details of schools attended and certificates obtained (photocopies to be attached).

Other requirements, include name of institution of learning, course of study and duration of course, latest academic transcript and recent passport photograph.

Applications are to be sent to Professor A. A. Adesiyun, Hon. Secretary, Education Committee, Offa Foundation, c/o Department of Crop Protection, University of Ilorin, P. M.B. 1515, Ilorin, not later than Wednesday, August 31, 2011.