– Idowu

Mr. Michael Babafunso Idowu

Mr. Michael Babafunso Idowu

The Deputy Director, Directorate of Environmental Management (DEM), Mr. Michael Babafunso Idowu, has vowed to put his experience to bear, in placing UNAAB on the global map as regards urban forestry.

The Deputy Director, who is in charge of Parks and Gardens (Nursery, Landscaping & Trees), disclosed this, in an exclusive interview with UNAAB Bulletin, where he revealed strategies and plans for the actualization of the dream.

Expatiating on his proposed line of action which he said had already been set in motion, Mr. Idowu stressed that a standard Nursery would soon be established to support the initiative of planned and aesthetic landscape, conducive for learning, research and social interaction in the University.

He reiterated that certain measures would be put in place to generate extra income for the University through biodiversity.

According to him, generated wastes in the community would be converted into organic manure which will partly be used for the plants, while the rest would be commercialized and sold to the general public as it is currently done with UNAAB Palm-wine, Bread, Honey, among others.

To achieve this objective, Mr. Idowu revealed that a draft proposal had been drawn, for partnership with local and multinational companies to support UNAAB’s Green and Beautification initiative.

Besides, the Deputy Director had also proposed an annual Tree Planting programme, which will take place either in May or June, stating that, it will be a whole week affair that would later be managed by the various Colleges in the University.

Mr. Idowu said, “This will bring about sustainability when it is all participatory and the Unit/College/Department with the Best Tree, would get the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize”.

Speaking on the recent flooding experienced in Lagos on July 10 and Ibadan, on August 26, 2011, the environmental expert decried the incessant degradation of the environment and the reckless attitude of blocking of water channels through indiscriminate erection of structures.

He however asserted that, planned and sustained tree planting could prevent such occurrence in the University Campus and in the cities.

Mr. Idowu, with an international exposure of training in 31 countries, within and outside Africa, is currently the National Vice-President of UI Foresta, an alumni association of the Forestry graduates of the University of Ibadan.