The Kalahari Red Goat that kidded the set of female twins

The Kalahari Red Goat that kidded the set of female twins

Indications that the University is on the path of hitting gold with its recently launched Kalahari Red Goat project emerged at the weekend as one of the goats kidded a set of female twins.

An elated Director of the Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), Professor Segun Osinowo, broke the cheery news early Sunday morning, to the Vice-Chancellor.

“Good morning, Sir. One of the Kalahari Red goats kidded a set of female twins yesterday. Both are doing fine”, stated Professor Osinowo in a message to the Vice-Chancellor, early Sunday morning.

The goat was part of the 60 breeder-stocks that were air-freighted from South Africa, earlier this month.

The facilitator of the Kalahari Red Goat project and Chief Executive of Elpasso Farms, South Africa, Dr. (Ms.) Brylyne Chitsunge, had on delivering the animals, assured that they would rapidly multiply, as they kid twice and that the University should be ready to accommodate their explosion in population, even within the next six months.

The University’s Kalahari Red Goat Project Manager, Dr. (Mrs.) Bamidele Oduguwa said precautionary post-natal cares had been taken to ensure the safety and healthy well-being of the nursing goat and the kids.

Dr. Oduguwa hinted that more of the goats are expected to kid within short intervals.