The University’s Governing Council has approved the application for Study Leave with pay for two members of staff.

They are, Mrs. T. A. Olaifa of the Department of Communication and General Studies, College of Agricultural Management and Rural Development (COLAMRUD) and Dr. (Mrs.) O. O. Adebowale of the Department of Veterinary Public Health and Reproduction, College of
Veterinary Medicine (COLVET).

During the period of the Study Leave, Mrs. Olaifa will be carrying out her Ph.D field work on International Conflict in Rwanda while Dr. Adebowale will be pursuing a Ph.D programme at the Royal Veterinary College, United Kingdom.

A release, signed by the Acting Registrar, Mrs. Christiana Kuforiji informed that the Study Leave is with effect from October 2011, for a period of one and three years, respectively.