You came along to UNAAB
In flowing unknown garb
Although you were not welcome
All around remained just dumb

You met together us all
And broke the rocky wall
With your glorious mission
And your mighty vision

It took but a short time
To see the obvious sign
That UNAAB will soon fly
In the skies high high high

Everywhere is green
Everywhere is serene
Like the glorious eden
There lurks a serpent hidden

Everywhere there is progress
Everywhere there is success
The serpents battle so gory
Can never take away the glory

Happier students never ever seen
As father to them you have been
Cries of Aluta have been dimmed
By shouts of praises loud voiced

Duty skills and excellence
Have brought in rewards immense
Everybody filled with pride
Continue the tasking ride

Elizabeth our first lady
By his side ever ready
Through thick and thin she has stood
A pride to all womanhood

Many monuments now in place
Send out messages of praise
To the man whose blood and sweat
Has set this citadel alight

– By Prof. Daisy Eruvbetine