Explaining why he accepted to be the Patron of Ogun NANS, Prof. Balogun stated that “it is based on agreement that we will do things in the best global practice”.

“It is also based on agreement that you will be responsible student leaders, who as a matter of principle, will pursue your grievances with civility and maturity and this is actually what you have been doing. This is why wherever you find NANS, Ogun State Chapter, you can be rest-assured I will be there”, he added.

The Vice-Chancellor stressed that his acceptance to be a Patron was informed by the cordial relationship and peaceful co-existing between him, FUNAAB Students Union Executive and NANS generally.

He explained further: “what we have now (the luncheon) is not just starting now, it’s been on for four years and it is based on your request to pay homage to your Vice-Chancellor and Patron”.

Prof. Balogun assured the student leaders that “whatever is within our means, we will do to really support FUNAABSU and the parent branch of their Union” and prayed God to make the student leaders successful in life.