Come Wednesday, February 22, 2012, “Queen’s English” will come under the searchlight, as the University holds its 34th Inaugural Lecture at the Julius Okojie Lecture Theatre Complex, at 3.00pm.

Beaming the searchlight will be the expert in Language and Communication, from the Department of Communication and General Studies, Professor (Mrs.) Bolanle Idowu Akeredolu-Ale.

A highly revered wordsmith and seasoned Orator, Professor Akeredolu-Ale, will be delivering a Lecture titled, “Queen’s English and the March of History: Reflections on the Nigerian Case”.

The Lecture is unique and historical, being the first to be delivered from the Department, thereby paving way for a frenzy of detailed preparations in anticipation of a top-flight delivery.

The Lecture is also expected to draw a large audience, especially, literary giants in the academia and other users of English, irrespective of varieties.

This might not be unconnected with the popularity of English Language as the most widely-used language in the world, as well as the nation’s official language.

Prof. Akeredolu-Ale, who only few months ago delivered her departmental Lecture, is fast becoming a phenomenon in the teaching of English Language.

On completion of her M. A. Linguistics in 1987, Professor Akeredolu-Ale first cut her teeth as a Journalist, working with the then Daily Times of Nigeria as a Staff Writer until December 1989 when she was appointed as an Assistant Lecturer in the then General Studies Unit of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.