On-going construction work at the new premises of FUNAAB Staff School

On-going construction work at the new premises of FUNAAB Staff School

The Head-Teacher of the University Staff School, Mrs. Florence Bukola Alade, has assured parents to look out for more unique opportunities and cutting edge over other primary educational institutions, as the school relocates to its Permanent Site, at Alabata Road.

The Head-Teacher, Mrs. Alade, who gave this assurance in a chat with FUNAAAB Bulletin recently, said some parents that were not fully convinced of the competitive standard of the school due to its current not too attractive location, should be ready for a big surprise.

Mrs. Alade however disclosed that there had of late been a sudden increase in interest and enquires about the school, which she attributed to “the new state of the art structure and facilities that the University Management is currently putting in place for the school”, at its new location.

In overcoming the challenge of distance, she assured that daily transport shuttle service will be available to convey pupils to and fro the city centre, especially Isale-Igbein.

According to her, the school will soon embark on a sensitization drive to promote awareness and intimate prospective parents, particularly within the University community, of the comparative advantages of the school over others in the area.
Giving a structural analysis of the new Staff School complex, the Deputy Director in the University’s Physical Planning Unit, Architect Babatunde Anasanwo, said the school is being constructed on a four-hectare (40, 000sqm) land, which he proclaimed to be the international standard for Montessori education.

Architect Anasanwo disclosed that the school’s land space would still be expanded to accommodate facilities for games and other extra curricula activities, in the near future, adding that the new school location is self-secured, with a well-structured landscaping for conducive environment that could facilitate learning and proper child development.

Visit by FUNAAB Bulletin to the new school site, which is some metres behind the FUNAAB International School, revealed activities by builders and artisans, labouring to ensure perfection and timely delivery of the project.

Construction had commenced on the upper deck of the storey-building structure, while a sandcrete (not barbed-wire, as erroneously reported last week) perimeter fence, capped with American barbed-wire, was being erected, for maximum security.

The new school location enjoys electricity connection to the national grid as well as a metallic-surface road network, connecting it through the University’s International School to the main University Road at Isolu. It will derive its water source from a dedicated borehole.

Exuding confidence that the school would be better by far, compared to contemporaries, Mrs. Alade however pleaded with contractors handling the project, to work to schedule, such that it can be ready for academic activities in the second term, next April.