All newly admitted candidates into the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta are expected to follow the following procedures for registration:

1. Log on to the University website Click on the link Admission Status using the Acceptance Access Code (AAC) Slip (received after payment of Acceptance Fees) to know if you are recommended after the Screening Interview Exercise, print out the Admission Status Slip.

2. Click on e-portal on the University website to select the link Acceptance and submit personal and academic data by filling the Acceptance Form.

3. Print the Acceptance Form and note the Student Code.

4. Click on e-portal to select the link School Fees Clearance Form and print out the School Fees schedule.

5. Proceed to the designated banks to pay School Fees, collect duplicate copy of deposit teller as evidence of payment and a Registration Access Code (RAC) Slip.

6. The duplicate copy of deposit teller is to be converted to an Official Receipt at the College Accountant’s Office.

7. Proceed to the Examinations and Records Office for the verification of the entry qualification(s) on which the admission was based. If credentials are found to be in order, the College Schedule Officer will issue a Clearance Slip.

8. After 24Hours access course registration form on the e-portal with the Registration Access Code (RAC) collected from bank. Then, print out the Course Form and proceed to the Department for departmental verification and registration.

9. After the clearance and registration at the Department, return to the Examinations and Records Office with duly signed and stamped departmental clearance, receipt for payment of School Fees for the collection of Verification/Eligibility Forms and other prescribed forms. Complete the forms and return same to the Examinations and Records Office for endorsement. Then, the College Schedule Officer issues an Eligibility Certificate to certify student duly cleared and registered.

10. From the Examinations and Records, proceed to the Student Affairs Unit, the Library and the University Health Centre for other registration formalities.

11. Present the Eligibility Certificate and Health Center Registration Card Index Code at the College Office for signing of Matriculation Register.