Efforts should be made to promote modern Bee-Keeping, as it is capable of generating employment, alleviate poverty, as well as improve farmers’ standard of living.

This assertion was made by the Director of Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC) of the University, Prof. (Mrs.) Carolyn Afolami, while delivering her Opening Remarks at the Training Workshop on Modern Bee-Keeping and its Medicinal Value for Farmers, held at Iwoye-Ketu, last month.

Prof. Afolami noted that Bee-keeping was the only enterprise that does not need large expanse of land, water, feed and fertilizer to thrive.

She noted that the practice of Bee-Keeping could be taken as a hobby and practiced along other farm activities, as it is relatively easy to manage.

She, however, charged participants at the Workshop to take full advantage of the opportunities to interact with experts and broaden their knowledge.

Resource persons at the Workshop included Dr. Adebola Osipitan, who spoke on, Apiary Selection, Establishment and Management and Professor Samuel Oluwalana, who delivered a note on the Medicinal Applications of Honey.