Dr. Uwemedimo Ekpo

Dr. Uwemedimo Ekpo

Dr. Uwemedimo Ekpo, the Head, Department of Biological Sciences of the University, is making a breakthrough in his research activities to the admiration of the international community.

Dr. Ekpo’s research interest, led to the development of a Geostatistical Model on all the available data on Schistosomiasis, a disease which causes enormous human suffering as it makes its victims show symptoms of blood in the urine, chronic tiredness and lethargy.

The detailed study of Schistosomiasis, known as Bilharzias in Ogun State, was the topic of his Doctoral Dissertation, submitted to the Biological Sciences Department of the University that won him international awards such as the European Foundation Initiative for African Research into Neglected Tropical Diseases (EFINTD), a collaborative effort supported by five (5) European foundations.

Dr. Ekpo, however, told the Crossing Borders  magazine, a magazine of the Volkswagen Foundation and its International Focus, that his “research findings are also of great interest to the Nigerian Ministry of Health, and hopes that the situation in our Universities will be influenced for the better, so that scientists like himself  will be able to keep up with colleagues in other parts of the world”.