An appeal has gone to the government and stakeholders on the need to review the existing educational curricula in the country. This clarion call was made by Professor Samuel Wara, Head, Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in his office when fielding questions on the ground-breaking on Alternative Power Generation System and Internal Voice Communication, developed by his Department.

According to Professor Wara, the relevant authorities should ensure that they produce graduates that could meet the needs of the society through curriculum development. “Let us re-think our processes. The graduates too should think of the needs of our people and should be met”, he emphasized.

To achieve this, there should be functional workshops, availability of electricity and practical equipment for students. He pointed out that the Solar/Inverter Power Supply System developed was an alternative to energy supply and stressed that products of the College could be marketed to the society. “We are looking for an avenue where FUNAAB products can be sold. People are looking for alternative sources of energy, which is why we are trying other means. In the world now, we are looking for numerous processes”, he said.

He also gave the reason why the College decided to produce the Internal Voice Communication device, based on the challenge being faced because of the epileptic services rendered by GSM operators. “What we are trying to do as an institution is that we want to see how we can bridge the gap of communications. We have challenges with GSM operators’ network. We have storey-buildings here. How do we communicate with ourselves without moving from one place to the other and how do we save time to do our business? So, these are the reasons”, he added.