Professor Dupe Christianah Akintobi was the pioneer Coordinator of the Diploma and Certificate Programmes (DICEP) under the University’s Centre for Human Resources Development (CENHURD) now INHURD for 4years and 6months. She was formerly an Ag. HOD of the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Technology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. In addition, professor Akintobi has served in almost all standing committees of the University including Ceremonials Committee, Publications Committee, Staff and Students Disciplinary committees, Admissions Committee, Curriculum Committee, Member of first Committee on Establishment of College of Management Sciences (COLMAS), Bifurcation of COLAMRUCS into COLAMRUD and COLFHEC, Housepac, Board of Surveys, etc.

In fact she is the only woman that has ever served in the special Students Disciplinary Committee. Professor Akintobi is the first African woman under the Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment (AWLAE) programme, a programme funded by Winrock Intenational. She also enjoyed FAO scholarship for her M.Sc. Programme.
Researcher of the Week: Professor Dupe Christianah Akintob

Professor Akintobi holds a B. Sc. Degree from University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University; a M.Sc. from California State University, Fresno and a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Seed Technology from the University of Ibadan but with all course work and 50% of the research work done at Mississippi State University, Starville, USA. She is a member of eleven professional bodies including the African Crop Science Society, Agricultural Society of Nigeria, Nigerian Hortscience, etc.

Professor Akintobi has over 36 years of working experience in Agronomy and she has worked both nationally and internationally. Through her career, she has been privileged to be in many parts of the world as well as International Consultancy including Winrock International under which she was privileged to award fellowships to some Nigerian women of which one of them is now a FUNAAB Academic staff. She has developed special expertise in Seed Production, Seed Testing, Seed Storage and Seed Certification as well as many years of research experience in vegetables, legumes, cereal crops and sweet potato. She was the person to start research work in Sweet Potato in FUNAAB.

Professor Akintobi has developed a locally made material for Seed Germination which is now currently being used all over Nigeria by National Seeds Council of Nigeria (NASC). She also has vast interest in Plant Physiology, Gender Issues, Rural Development and Women Empowerment/Development. She writes books and also serves as Editor for both National and International Journals.

She is also well experienced in training and technology transfer. She possesses good human and resource management skills, having undergone adequate training in communication skills. She has the ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines, as she enjoys seeing tasks through, from beginning to the end.

Professor Akintobi, an erudite scholar and a prolific writer, has a great wealth of research experience which has culminated into over 51 academic publications in international journals, peer-reviewed conference proceedings, books, monographs etc. she has premier certificate in French.