The Chairman, Timetable and Examination Committee (TIMTEC), Dr. Oluseyi Ojekunle has disclosed that the welfare of students was a major determinant in preparing the current Timetable.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with FUNAAB Bulletin, Dr. Ojekunle revealed that as part of efforts to further ease the challenge of transportation being faced by the students in meeting up with 8.00.a.m lectures, Management in collaboration with TIMTEC decided that 100 Level students who have larger classes should have their lectures period shifted to 10.00.a.m when there will be little or no challenges with transportation.

Dr Ojekunle who further revealed that funds have also been disbursed for the purchase of stationery that would last through the first semester, added that for the first time, the University was considering going paperless.

This system, which he said was the current trend, would help manage scarce resources and ensure financial prudence, noting that most Heads of Department (HOD) got their timetable electronically.

Shedding light on the activities of TIMTEC, Dr Ojekunle said it goes beyond just preparing lecture timetable, but includes the preparation of examination timetable and the conduct of students within the confines of their classroom.

According to him, TIMTEC has the sole responsibility of rolling out the timetable, appointing invigilators for each of the centres, as well as allotting time and venue for examinations and in the case of examination malpractice TIMTEC is expected to report to Management.

He pointed out that according to the University Calendar, examinations should be coming up in the first week of August and as such the draft examination timetable would soon be out so that students can be put in the mood of examination.

Dr Ojekunle stated that this Semester, the students should expect three weeks for their examination as against the four weeks used for examination last year, while adding that the 100 level students should prepare for electronic examination while students in other levels should expect written and electronic examinations.

Speaking on what the University Community should look forward to from TIMTEC, the Chairman TIMTEC said he was in communication with the University’s Information Communication Technology Resources Centre (ICTREC) to assist him with a software that will be able to fix lectures and examination timetable, exams and lecture venues as well as time so as to put an end to the clashes and overlap which sometimes occur.
He added that the University has come of age to scale up from centralized examination to decentralized examination, stating that when attained, it will be a great achievement for the University and TIMTEC.