Dean, COLFHEC, Prof. (Mrs.) Folake Henshaw

Dean, COLFHEC, Prof. (Mrs.) Folake Henshaw

The Dean, College of Food Science and Human Ecology (COLFHEC), Prof. (Mrs.) Folake Henshaw, has described the movement of the College to its new ultra-modern complex as a miracle.

Speaking during an exclusive chat with FUNAAB Bulletin in her new tastefully furnished office, Prof. Henshaw disclosed that about one month ago, nobody would have thought that the complex could be habitable so soon, because of many things, that were required to be put in place.

She stressed that the movement of the College to its permanent site, despite all odds, attested to the doggedness of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, as a goal-getter.

According to her, “If not that I believe that it is only God that can perform miracle, I would have said that our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Balogun is a miracle worker.

It is a miracle that we are here, because a month ago the interior of this building was nothing to write home about and as such, no human being would have wanted to come and live here”.

She continued, “But after we came on inspection to see the possibility of moving, our Vice-Chancellor deployed all hands, to do the necessary things. They came around and within three weeks, behold, everything was done. We said, haba! this building is okay and we moved in”.

Expressing joy, while recounting the gains of the new College building, the Dean stated: “There is no doubt, of course, that this place is far better than where we were. We are happy that we have a College building. At least, unlike before when we were sandwiched in another College.

This is far better than living in a place where our College did not have its own identity. We are happy that we now have a College Building. Our College name is on the building. For example, the Dean’s office was hitherto two small rooms in COLENG Workshop as compared to what we have here”, she added.

However, Prof. Henshaw said the movement of COLFHEC facilities from the old building was strenuous and disclosed that the College was yet to move its Laboratory from COLAMRUD.

Her words: “The only thing is that moving down is always a strenuous exercise and of course, all of us, I mean the entire staff had to put our acts together because we believe it was an option far better than living in a place where we don’t have identity.

However, we have not yet moved our laboratories from COLAMRUD. As you know laboratories are not like tables and chairs that you just move. There are things in the laboratory that are delicate, such that we really have to plan the movement”, she stressed.

Prof. Henshaw, then, on behalf of staff and students thanked the Vice-Chancellor, Management, the Senate and the entire University community, for making COLFHEC’s new building a reality, assuring that the building will be put to maximum use.