Admin Officer II, Graduate Records and Career Centre (GRECC)
“We have performed well. I mean the Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun-led Management team did very well. I will score FUNAAB 99 per cent in terms of performance. This is most visible in the area of academic excellence and infrastructural development. Narrowing it down to the VC, his best achievement as far as I am concerned is ensuring peace on campus”.

Secretarial Staff, Bursar’s Office
“In view of what I’ve seen on ground, I will give Management performance 90 per cent. Our Vice-Chancellor performed excellently in terms of infrastructural development on campus.
That one is a plus. Prof. Balogun has equally done very well in the area of capacity development by sending staff on international training.
This is also a plus to what I’ve said. My 90 percent scoring also include staff welfare. When I got here it wasn’t like this but now I can count the number of vehicles on campus. The only aspect I see to be lacking is that a University environment is supposed to have a befitting market and police station so that it will be a communal setting. That is the only place they have not included”.

500 Level Student, Crop Protection
“It’s been great really. Our Vice-Chancellor has been having a great impact on the University as a whole. The environment has been transformed. The buildings are multiplying and people are coming in to see FUNAAB in the manner of tourists’ attraction. For instance, I met someone on Saturday who said he came for sight-seeing of the campus. I asked him why and he said he had been hearing so much about FUNAAB that things are happening here. I took him round and he was surprised exclaiming ah! …ah!…ah! and agreeing that there has been tremendous change.

In fact, as for students, Prof. Balogun has spoilt us with good welfare. He has done even better for us. For instance, I am in 500 Level now and we came in 2009.
Though we know the ongoing ASUU strike will try to draw us backward, the semester has been hastened up such that this national strike won’t affect us much. We students love him so much because he’s a caring father.”

Bursary Staff, Assistant Executive Officer
Prof. Balogun-led Management, as a matter of fact, has performed excellently. In fact, if there is any rating that is more than excellent, that is what I will score this administration. Our Vice-Chancellor has done well in the areas of recruitment, welfare and provision of amenities. However, there is the need for improvement in the area of transportation. More buses should be provided for staff.

Planning Officer I, PPU
“This is my third year anyway. What I met on ground is far below the level of transformation now in place. If I am to rate the present administration in term of percentage, I will say it has achieved 100 per cent development this year.