Prof. Enikuomehin Resumes at PG School

Prof. Enikuomehin Resumes at PG School

The new Dean of Postgraduate School, Professor Ololade Enikuomehin, last Wednesday assumed duty, as members of staff commended his predecessor, Professor Steve Afolami, who they said will be greatly missed by all.

The Handing-over ceremony took place at the Dean’s Office and was well attended by most of the members of staff.

Professor Afolami, spoke passionately about the love and affection, bestowed him by the staff of the School.

Responding, the new Dean, Professor Enikuomehin stated that “I would have been taken by surprise if you didn’t end the way you have ended, because I’ve known you since 2004. It is emotional but not painful. You will go through this more and more”.

Professor Afolami, in his Handing-over speech, disclosed that “we have been like a family over the years, in spite of the differences among us in terms of character, gender, ability and temperament. I thank God we all worked harmoniously”.

“Tell all the old staff that are not here that the memories we shared are still very fresh in my mind”, he added.
“Of course, I drove you hard. I heard your protest but I behaved as if I did not, but the conclusion is that everything that has been labeled success has been the beautiful contributions of you all”, Professor Afolami said.

“Those who misunderstood me must have formed a mindset about my attitude. If I’ve tried not to hurt you but I ended hurting you, you just have to take it like that because discipline demands that from me, else we would have failed”, he noted.

Speaking further, Professor Afolami stated that “in the process of administration, there is no way we won’t bite each other. I pray God to give you the spirit to forgive me and overcome your grudges if I have offended you”.

He added that “it is my wish to hear good news about PG School and to be happy that the family I left behind is thriving”.

Professor Afolami, however, called on Management to increase the funding of the Postgraduate School and ensure that only staff of the University that had earlier worked in the College is appointed Dean because of its peculiarity, as a service provider for the University.

His words, “The funding deserves more than what we have received in the last five years. I used my money for five years to run the PG School. I mean I abused my family resources to run the PG School that is not named after me”.

Professor Afolami also expressed confidence in the ability of his successor, Prof. Enikuomehin to take the PG School to greater heights.

Extolling his sterling qualities, Professor Afolami said “I like to say, he’s a highly articulate and logically reasoning person. When he was ASUU Chairman, he provided a leadership that everybody could identify with, even with a lot of firmness, when it was required”.

“Therefore, you should expect that he will be firm. He’s reasonable and he’s not a rash person and with what I’ve seen of you in the last five years, I don’t see you denying him of your much-needed support. It is my wish that you give him maximum cooperation”, he stated.

Professor Afolami admonished the staff to “treat the new Dean like a father, treat him like a boss but much More, love him from your heart and by so doing, you will be able to tell him what is right”.

“Don’t back-bite each other and don’t poison the mind of the new Dean against fellow staff because by so doing, you will be sowing the seed of discord. As I’m leaving you, it’s going to hurt me that I won’t see you always”, he declared.

Responding, Professor Enikuomehin declared, “You (Prof. Afolami) have always made me feel I can do it. To everyone present, “Oga” has helped to prepare the ground. I’m looking forward to work harmoniously with you. On my part, I will do my best”.

“I will be fair to everyone. I don’t believe in playing double game. If you want to tell me anything that you don’t want others to hear don’t come to me because we must bring the virtues of the good Lord we serve to bear largely on our service here”, he added.

Prof. Enikuomehin spoke further, “There is a template to work as a family, I’m committed to doing that. Please, let’s work together. Take it that I’m new, come and tell me things I don’t know about in this School. I promise you, I won’t be a green horn for long. I will learn fast. Please, feel free to tell me ideas”.