The Director, Academic Planning Unit (APU), Prof. Olusola Adeniran making salient point

The Director, Academic Planning Unit (APU), Prof. Olusola Adeniran making salient point

The Director of the Academic Planning Unit (APU), Professor Olusola Adeniran has frowned at the apathy of some Heads of Departments and Units towards requests for the release of data to the Unit for statistical computation for the University’s development and academic programmes.

But outside the University Community, Professor Adeniran expressed joy that FUNAAB’s through the Unit has been able to conform with the minimum benchmark of the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Speaking in an exclusive chat with FUNAAB Bulletin, the Director of APU said the units modest achievements notwithstanding, “Response from Departments and Units to requests for data is the basic problem we have despite the fact that the process of collecting data is well defined”.

According to him, “In some Departments of the University, it is very difficult to get information from them whereas you cannot plan if you don’t get information from them. You can only plan based on information and information supply has been difficult here”.

Professor Adeniran therefore called on Heads of Departments and Units, as well as others, including individuals from whom developmental information is required to as a matter of urgency release them promptly in the interest of progress and development of the University and the nation at large.

The Director who thanked and commended Management for being supportive at all times assured that the unit will always team up with it to deliver quality assurance, based on global best practices so that FUNAAB graduates more than before will favourably compete with their counterparts globally.

He stated that for example, with the support of Management, the unit had ensured that the University’s academic programmes conform with the minimum benchmark of NUC.

Professor Adeniran disclosed that the conformity with NUC standard has paid off because all the academic programmes of the University have been duly accredited except for two courses which are placed on Interim Accreditation.

The Director hinted that the NUC teams normally visit twice a year for accreditation in May and December. But, for this year, FUNAAB is expecting them for a programme that is due for accreditation in November.

Speaking on the College of Management Sciences (COLMAS), Professor Adeniran hinted that the affected Universities have come together to present a common front in defence as he noted that progress is being achieved towards restoring the courses in the affected College(s).

He associated the root cause to mis-information of government by some elements on specialized universities. Pointing out that, specialised universities in Nigeria are modelled after their counterparts in Europe, Asia and America.

The Director described APU as the statistical data base of the University and the bridge between the University and regulatory agencies like NUC.